Saturday, 22 September 2012

Deactivate internet in Samsung Galaxy Mobiles – How to stop data service

From the first day when you buy your Samsung android galaxy mobiles , internet service is automatically active . If you don’t have internet pack in the sim which you have inserted into your newly bought galaxy, then your balance has been surely deducted. Even sometimes when your net pack validity is over then also your balance has been deducted if data service has not been stopped.

It’s not like other mobiles which turn on internet service when browser opens. You have to manually turn on or turn off data service.

As there are many services or processes which run in background in your mobile, so if you don’t stop this data connection then you will be charged from your main balance when you don’t have internet pack or when net pack validity is over. Then you must deactivate the

Monday, 17 September 2012

Internet Settings in Samsung Galaxy Y for All Operators (Aircel , Bsnl , Reliance , Docomo and others)

Samsung android galaxy y provides a beautiful platform for surfing internet. Configuring internet settings is both manual and automatic, that is, when you insert sim card of any mobile operator, it automatically fetches gprs and mms settings. However you can edit those settings, but you don’t need to.

So here is the procedure for configuring internet settings. 


Automatic configuration is preferable than the manual settings. So first of all check the settings if your mobile has automatically fetched settings from the operator or not. It automatically sends request to the operator to get the

Saturday, 15 September 2012

How to Activate Internet on Samsung Galaxy Y

Sometimes it is difficult for the new buyer’s of Samsung galaxy y or any Samsung android mobiles to turn on and turn off data service that is internet services be it 3G or 2G. It is quite different from other mobiles which turn on data services when needed. But many services run in background of android mobiles, so the internet service must be turned on for these. Therefore these android mobiles must have different method for activating internet.

Here I am telling you the procedure of activating internet. If you are using 3G then you will be automatically connected to WCDMA mode and if you are using 2G then you will be connected through EDGE or GPRS mode.


      1)      Make sure you have chosen your

Friday, 14 September 2012

How To : Use 3G Samsung Android Phones ( as Galaxy Y)

Using and connecting 3G in Samsung Galaxy Y is similar to using 3G in any other Samsung android mobiles like galaxy Ace , Tab and some other mobiles too. So how to use 3G in Galaxy y will tell you about other mobiles too.

Activating 3G network is very easy in Galaxy Y. It automatically detects 3G networks in Auto Mode. But if you want to use it manually then follow these steps.


1) Insert your 3G sim in your mobile.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Use Facebook Without Internet : In Aircel Airtel Docomo and more Operators

Facebook is now cheaper to mobile users who particularly uses internet only for accessing Facebook. Users can get several variety of unlimited Facebook packs for different operators - from 1rs/day pack to 10rs/month. A company named Fonetwish has launched this USSD based service for several mobile opertators like aircel,airtel,docomo .Reliance hasn't started yet. Now mobile users can have access to facebook without using any gprs ,edge. Mobile users who use facebook will get several benefits like -

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Virtual Voice Assistant EVA for your Android Mobile

If you need help of a personal assistant for your mobile then u must have an app called Virtual Assistant EVA. It provides hands-free operation of your phone to open apps, read and reply to text messages and email, schedule calender event and many more functions that you can perform using just your voice.


  • Home Automation with INSTEON. Turn on the lights and appliances, open the garage door and a whole lot more, all with voice commands or scheduled or based on your

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Anti Theft Software for Android Mobiles - Protect Mobile from Thieves

Protect your costly mobile from thieves. There are many entertainment software which you use for time pass but you forget a necessary tool for your mobile, and that is anti theft . There are many software available in google play which provides security from thieves. Many of these  This is one of the best app for your android mobile. You can also use it as mobile tracker.

Antivirus , Tracker and Anti theft on a single integrated software

This magical app is called AVAST !! Yeah its from the top PC antivirus developer. 


• Network Meter: Measures incoming/outgoing data transfers.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Connect Galaxy Y as USB Mass Storage

Samsung Galaxy Y is one of the cheapest android phone used worldwide now-a-days. I have wrote several tutorials on galaxy y . Do check the galaxy y label in my blog. You can connect it via USB as mass storage. Follow the steps stated below.


1)  Connect your mobile to PC Via USB cable.

2)  Make sure you have connected it properly. Galaxy Y does not have a good connector. So connect USB carefully.

3)  If you have connected it the right way then you will see notification "usb connected" like this.

4) Tap on that notification. And a screen will appear.

5) Click on "connect as mass storage".

6) Click "ok".

After a while you will see in your PC that it has detected a mass storage device.

Now you are ready to use Galaxy Y as Mass storage without removing memory card from your mobile.

Before You Do This

Always check that memory card is properly inserted and mounted. Otherwise this tutorial will not work.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Transfer Files Over WiFi From PC to Android Mobile

Sometimes it's very irritating to plug in usb in between your mobile and PC and connect it as mass storage. Bluetooth is another option, but the transfer speed is very slow. So is there any process which can transfer files wirelessly at a good speed ?


Yes there is WiFi ....

There is a software for your android mobile which can perform this task. This Software is called Remote Web Desktop which not only performs wireless file transfer also it can provide u many advantages like webcam, WiFi keyboard and file explorer and many more. I wrote another tutorial on how to use android mobiles as webcam over WiFi.


1)   Go to android market and download Remote Web Desktop in your mobile.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Automatic Street Light For Energy Conservation

Automatic street light is an electronics based project which is useful for Final semester students of Electronics dept, even it can be implemented practically in urban and rural areas where manual switching of street light is not possible or inefficient as it consumes power when not turned of in the daylight.


This project can be implemented in Household too. If you don't know all the electronics and circuit stuffs then u need not. Go to an electronics technician and tell them to build the circuit shown below and the whole procedure how to make it stated in this article. . It automatically switches ON lights when the sunlight goes below the visible region of our eyes. It automatically switches OFF lights under illumination by sunlight.

 How does it work

This circuit works in 9V DC. If you have AC supply connect it to a AC-DC converter available on electronics store. The brain of the circuit is a sensor called LDR or Light Dependent Resistor which senses light. The resistance of the device goes high in dark and reduces in light. This principle is applied in Automatic Street Light project.

  Block Diagram & Circuit Diagram

 This is the schematics --------

Short Description of the LDR

LDR is the heart of the circuit. It is a kind of light sensor. The commercial photoconductive materials include cadmium sulphide (CdS), cadmium selenide (CdSe), Lead sulfide (PbS) and Indium antimonide (InSb) etc., There is large change in the resistance of a cadmium selenide cell with changes in ambient temperature, but the re­sistance of cadmium sulphide remains relatively stable. It is made by photoconductive material. Light sensitive material is arranged in the form of a long strip, zig-zagged across a disc shaped base with protective sides. For additional protection, a glass or plastic cover may be included.

 Parts List 

1K Resistor
To offer resistance
10K Resistor
To offer resistance
LDR 10 mm
SL100 Transistor
Amplifier and switch
BC 107 Transistor
Amplifier and switch
Relay HRS 4H-12V 1C/O
Provides protection

 Detailed Working Procedure

The circuit uses an LDR to sense the light .When there is light the resistance of LDR will be low. So the voltage drop across POT R2 will be high. This keeps the transistor Q1 ON. The collector of Q1(BC107) is coupled to base of Q2(SL100). So Q2 will be OFF and so do the relay. The bulb will remain OFF.

When night falls the resistance of LDR increases to make the voltage across the POT R2 to decrease below 0.6V.This makes transistor Q1 OFF which in turn makes Q2 ON. The relay will be energized and the bulb will glow.

 Uses of this project

                   By employing this circuit, energy consumption can be reduced considerably as the light switches ON or OFF automatically in appropriate time. Moreover, errors which occur due to manual operation also can be eliminated completely. The Automatic street light controller unit fabrication is cost-effective with good sensitivity and high reproducibility. Moreover, the construction of the circuit is also simple so that it can be done easily as it involves locally available components. The circuit is designed in such a way that the extent of darkness at which the light has to switch ON or OFF also can be tailored whenever it is needed. It can be used for other purposes like garden lighting, balcony lighting etc.


Implementation in solar cell -

The above circuit can be powered from a battery, which can be charged during day time  by harvesting the solar energy  through a solar cell .

Implementation in Sun Tie Converter-   
                 The solar energy harvested from sunlight can be stored, inverted from DC voltage to AC voltage using sun tie converter. The AC voltage can be stepped up and given to the electric grid.
This project is very cheap and easy to build. You don't need any hard work for building this circuit and it is also very useful for the developing countries which needs consuming more power day by day, using this we can reduce power wastage. If this project is used in bulk then we must have lowered the energy wastage by means of implementing this circuit as a step towards green earth.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Play HD Quality All Format Videos For Samsung Galaxy Y

If you have bought galaxy y and trying to play all high quality videos AVI,MKV,FLV,MP4 format then u might be getting the warning that the video cannot be played. Well this is due to the fact that galaxy y only plays fixed format videos. And u are tired of converting the videos to phone format. But there is another method to play videos in your galaxy y.

Now the procedure off bypassing this.


Go to Android Market in your mobile.

Connect Samsung Galaxy Y To PC For Internet Via Wifi

Turn your Samsung Galaxy y 5360 into a portable WiFi Hotspot and connect it to PC for internet.  


In my previous article I described how to connect galaxy y 5360 to pc for internet.
Now I will tell u how to connect Samsung Galaxy Y  (Note that it is applicable for some Samsung Android phones also) to PC for internet. 


First of all your PC needs to be WiFi enabled and I will assume you know how to scan WiFi network in PC and how to connect providing right password. If you don't know then do comment in this post.

So Here is the step by step procedure.

step 1  -    In your mobile go to Setting > Wireless and Networks > Tethering and portable hotspots.

Auto Wiper Control in Your Car

Many of us are tired of continuously working wiper when it is not raining. We have to turn on and of wiper frequently. That's a big disturbance. However if we use controlled or auto timer wiper then we can get rid of this problem whenever its not raining heavily.

It's a 555 timer IC based project.

The Circuit is very cheap and easy to build.

All you need to find the wiper motor in your car.

After u found this, u have to connect the following circuit with the motor and your car battery as shown.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Video Call With Samsung Galaxy Y

After spending many time for doing video call with Samsung Galaxy Y, I finally found a great tool for video calling between Mobile to Mobile and Mobile to PC using only internet connection. This piece of software is available for windows, Android ,iPhone.This works not only in Galaxy Y, also in any android phone.

Though Samsung Galaxy Y does not have any front camera and no built in video calling function,but you can perform video and voice calling over internet connection by using a software called Tango. It works over internet connection. If you use 3G / 4G / WiFi, it works far better than EDGE or GPRS connection. Follow the method stated below.

How To Lock Your PC With Pen Drive Using Predator

Do you want to lock and unlock your PC with a pen drive or any flash drive like those in Tech Fantasy Movies ?? Or do u get irritated putting password all the time to lock / unlock your PC ?? Well then there is a tool that can help u.

There is a software called Predator which performs this task.Whenever u remove the pen drive or any flash drive ,your computer screen will go dark, mouse and keyboard will get disabled. Again if u reinsert the pen drive, your PC will be unlocked.  Follow the method stated below.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

How To Connect Galaxy Y 5360 To PC For Internet Via USB

There are many procedures to connect Samsung Galaxy Y to PC for internet connection but many people find it quite difficult to connect it. Don't worry guys , you can use your galaxy y as modem too which can give u 3G modem speed. But using this phone as a modem is different than the other dial up phones. Galaxy Y does not support dial up mode. Even you don't have to use any driver or PC Suite or Kies . U can connect directly as LAN. I am going to tell u the procedure which will work for every OS, be it Linux or windows XP , 7 , Vista.

 As I told there are many procedures to connect Galaxy Y as Modem ,in this tutorial ,I am gonna tell u the easiest method using USB cable.

You may check my previous article on how to use your galaxy y as webcam over wifi .

Procedure To Connect Without Driver or any PC suite/kies :

1.  Plug-in usb cable to your phone and PC

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

How To Boost Samsung Android Galaxy Y Volume

                                   Have u tried to increase your Samsung mobile but ended up with no result ? Well this tutorial will help you to increase Samsung android mobile. Yes this is only for android mobiles be it Samsung or any android phone.

This is completely software dependent and does not need any hardware based work.

It can boost volume up to 20 times than the highest volume.

All you need is to install a software called volume + or volume plus. This software is available on android market. If you want direct link then do comment in this post.

You may check my previous article on how to use your galaxy y as webcam over wifi .


1. After download ,enter the program.       

Use Galaxy Y as Webcam Over Wifi

                               You can use your Galaxy Y as Webcam over WiFi . If u have tried many  Softwares but didn't work then u may use the software name Remote Web Desktop. Here I am telling U the procedure of using Galaxy Y or any android mobile as webcam to be used in PC. It also can be used as Spy Camera.

You may check my previous article on how to boost samsung android galaxy y volume


step 1-

1st of all go to android market and search for "Remote Web Desktop" . Then download the software in your android mobile.