Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Anti Theft Software for Android Mobiles - Protect Mobile from Thieves

Protect your costly mobile from thieves. There are many entertainment software which you use for time pass but you forget a necessary tool for your mobile, and that is anti theft . There are many software available in google play which provides security from thieves. Many of these  This is one of the best app for your android mobile. You can also use it as mobile tracker.

Antivirus , Tracker and Anti theft on a single integrated software

This magical app is called AVAST !! Yeah its from the top PC antivirus developer. 


• Network Meter: Measures incoming/outgoing data transfers.

• Widget: Let’s you control the app from your Android desktop.

• Web Interface: Control remotely with anti-theft features (phone lock, GPS tracking, memory wipe, etc.).

• Site Correct: Automatically fixes mistyped URLs.

• Shield Control: Advanced settings of the app, web, and messages scanning.

• Better readability on tablets.

• Antivirus: Scans installed apps and memory card content on-demand and each new app 
upon first use.

• Privacy Report: Scans and displays access rights and intents of installed apps.

• SMS/Call Filtering: Filters out particular contacts that you select.

• Anti-Theft: Hidden component that gives you remote control via SMS or Web (lock, locate, 
siren, memory wipe, etc.).

• App Manager: Lists apps and their sizes (MB), CPU load, memory used, etc.

• Web Shield: Scans each URL that loads and warns you if it’s malware-infected.

• Battery Save: Runs only when performing tasks.

• Firewall (works on rooted phones only): Serves as gatekeeper for network traffic.

CREDIT TO - Avast on Google Play 


Steps -
  • Go To Google Play and search for Avast .

  •  Download the app and open it in your mobile.

  • After opening this you have to set password for this app.

  • Go to the anti-theft tab and avast will ask u to download the anti theft apk plug in.

  • You will see several options and customize it according to your preference. Save your Setting and exit. It will run in your background. 

You can see full anti-theft avast's tutorial in that app, that will show you how to use avast as anti theft. You will be able to remotely turn on and off gps, send sms and many more service. You can remotely track your device whenever it is stolen and find it easily.


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