Friday, 7 September 2012

Auto Wiper Control in Your Car

Many of us are tired of continuously working wiper when it is not raining. We have to turn on and of wiper frequently. That's a big disturbance. However if we use controlled or auto timer wiper then we can get rid of this problem whenever its not raining heavily.

It's a 555 timer IC based project.

The Circuit is very cheap and easy to build.

All you need to find the wiper motor in your car.

After u found this, u have to connect the following circuit with the motor and your car battery as shown.

Parts List:

C1    - 25uF ,12V ,electrolytic

C2    - 100uF , 25V ,electrolytic

R1    - 47k , .25W

R2    -  500k POT

R3    - 22k, .25w

R4    - 1k, .25w

R5    - 47, 3w

T1    - 2N6107

T2    - 2N3055

IC    - 555

Working Procedure:

This is an astable multivibrator, in which the output level at pin 3 remains high for a long time decided by R2 and low for a short time decided by R3. The Low going output at pin3 drives the wiper motor via T1 an T2 for a time just sufficient to operate the parking switch. The wipers then make one sweep and rest again in their normal parked position till the next pulse. resistor R5 limits the current and power dissipation in T1. Transistors T1 and T2 may be replaced by a relay if desired.

This a also a best Car Hobby Circuit for the electronics lovers.

You can use this as a final year project in your college.

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