Tuesday, 4 September 2012

How To Boost Samsung Android Galaxy Y Volume

                                   Have u tried to increase your Samsung mobile but ended up with no result ? Well this tutorial will help you to increase Samsung android mobile. Yes this is only for android mobiles be it Samsung or any android phone.

This is completely software dependent and does not need any hardware based work.

It can boost volume up to 20 times than the highest volume.

All you need is to install a software called volume + or volume plus. This software is available on android market. If you want direct link then do comment in this post.

You may check my previous article on how to use your galaxy y as webcam over wifi .


1. After download ,enter the program.       

2. U will find speaker settings option.

3. There u will get a tab " Volume Boost ".

4. Increase volume as much as u want.

Volume + is not only the volume booster software, it has many advantages too. Actually this is an integrated Volume Studio for android.You can -

  • Configure sound for Bluetooth Audio, Speaker and Headset differently
  • Boost Bass
  • Equalizer
  • Tools for Rooted Phone
  • Echo/delay settings

This is one of the loveliest software for android for the music lovers.

So play with it to discover more.


  1. Replies
    1. thanks....... and for downloading .... Volume + is available on Google Play ,so it will be easier to download the app from there.

    2. But there it isnt free

    3. thanks

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  3. Hi, I have even bought and installed the pay-application but it doesn't help to increase the incoming calls headset volume AT ALL as it asks for root permission. It works great for music and other stuff but NOT for incoming calls. Any suggestions how to do ? I'm having problems with my I9001. Thank you !

  4. Thanks for help

  5. Hi,

    Does this works for samsung galaxy s2 as well?


  6. can have the link pppplease ? thank u

  7. Please Send me the link Jesse-deslauriers at hotmail.com

  8. AnonymousMay 26, 2013

    link please.
    pls mail at explore.na@gmail.com

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