Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Use Galaxy Y as Webcam Over Wifi

                               You can use your Galaxy Y as Webcam over WiFi . If u have tried many  Softwares but didn't work then u may use the software name Remote Web Desktop. Here I am telling U the procedure of using Galaxy Y or any android mobile as webcam to be used in PC. It also can be used as Spy Camera.

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step 1-

1st of all go to android market and search for "Remote Web Desktop" . Then download the software in your android mobile.

step 2-

 Go to settings > wireless and networks > tethering and portable networks . Then check the option portable WiFi hotspot.

step 3-

Connect your mobile over WiFi to your PC. If you dont know how to connect your mobile via WiFi then read this - Connect Samsung Galaxy Y To PC For Internet Via WiFi

step 4-

 Open Remote Web Desktop in your mobile. U will see like below screen. Click on Start Server.

 step 5-

Open the mentioned URL in your PC browser (Firefox,opera etc) and u will see the below window in your browser

Then Click on webcam and there u go.
U can use it as webcam over WiFi range.
This software is not full version but u can use webcam without any bound. This tutorial can be used for any android phone having WiFi.
This software also supports many features like file transfer over WiFi.
It can also be used as WiFi keyboard,file explorer and Apk installer.
Best of Luck.......


  1. In my pc there is no.wifi.
    Then how will i use this

  2. very useful information thank you for sharing it.

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