Friday, 14 September 2012

How To : Use 3G Samsung Android Phones ( as Galaxy Y)

Using and connecting 3G in Samsung Galaxy Y is similar to using 3G in any other Samsung android mobiles like galaxy Ace , Tab and some other mobiles too. So how to use 3G in Galaxy y will tell you about other mobiles too.

Activating 3G network is very easy in Galaxy Y. It automatically detects 3G networks in Auto Mode. But if you want to use it manually then follow these steps.


1) Insert your 3G sim in your mobile.

2) Go to Settings > Wireless and Networks > Mobile Network settings > Network Mode.

3) Then Click on Network Mode.

4) You will find 3modes.  
  • Auto mode.
  • Gsm mode
  • WCDMA mode
5) If you want only 3G mode then select WCDMA Only. It will use your network in 3G mode.

Follow these steps and you will be able to use your mobile in WCDMA 3G mode and get 3G facilities including internet services.


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